LYY's statement for Arctic council meetings: Let's build sustainable future


Arctic Aspirations


Distinguished leaders and delegates,


We, the Student Union of the University of Lapland, hereby address you all and challenge you to vision, dream and realize an Arctic Region with a future that is inclusive, peaceful and sustainable. As the students of the northernmost university within the European Union, we are in close connection with this unique region, and its nature and peoples.


In our vision, the Arctic forms a region of inclusion, in which all peoples can work together to reach their aspirations – a region, in which the traditional knowledge and precious heritage of indigenous peoples are recognized, respected, and emancipated. To us, the Arctic Region should continue to be a prime example of co-operation that transcends borderlines and backgrounds. To face future challenges and the sometimes-harsh circumstances of the North, we need co-operation, not conflicts.


We dare to dream a future for the Arctic that continues to include all four seasons of the North: short yet vibrant summers, autumns in splendid celebrations of color, long winters with breathtaking beauty, and springs that recreate life. This dream stems from our shared will to care; for each other, and for all life in the Arctic.


We, the young experts of academia, call for deliberated, reflected, and science-based solutions to keep the Arctic safe, intact and alive. We believe in the immense potential of humanity to bring about change for a better future. Now, we reach out to you and ask you to work together with us and the peoples of the Arctic Region to realize and release that potential.


We put our hopes and trust in your hands, distinguished leaders. We ask you to keep us, the future of our lives, and the lives of all living beings of the Arctic, in your mind today, as you discuss and craft policies for the North, and for the World.



In Rovaniemi, 6.5.2019,

Jenni Tuomainen                                                           Heljä Kärnä

Chairperson of the Executive Board                             Secretary General

Further information: Juho Keränen, Vice-Chairperson of the Executive Board, juho.keranen(at)

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